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Without a Stand Alone ~ QR Contactless Store that focuses only on the sale - your website is no longer competitive

Contactless Delivery - the new norm

Scan - Order - Deliver

Electronics - Furniture - Fashion - Hair & Skin Care - Lawns - Automotive - A Store for every purpose!
"Contact Free Agency - Contactless delivery Lock down solution"
Shop Window or Menu

Under lock down your business is under threat of permanent closure. That's no secret. With Contact Free Agency's 'Contactless Barcode App' your customers can scan the barcode in your local ad or scan a menu, right from your shop window or front desk. It's then just a simple matter of ordering safely!

"Contact Free Agency - Contactless delivery Lock down solution"
Image Menu Categories

It's a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout. With a stand alone store, your customer's are no longer distracted but focus only on the purchase they wish to make! Simple, just scroll the images within the menu and order!

"Contact Free Agency - Contactless delivery Lock down solution"
Safe Contactless Delivery

Customer's don't mind paying a small delivery fee, to secure their favorite item, service or food order. With just 2 to 4 order's a day, you're covering the cost of your investment and keeping your customer's safe, happy and secure. Even after lock down, they'll continue to use your App!

Find A Contactless Store Near You

Contact Free Agency - Customer's Can Search and Locate Our Store's 
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Demo Site's

Contact Free Agency's - Contactless App - Suitable For Any Retail or Service Based Business!

Local Store

Shop Local and Safe!

Furnutre Store

Deliver Furniture Safe Contactless!

Electronic's Store

Vital During Any Lock Down Yet Deliverable!

Hair Salon Beauty

Home Appointments Under Certain Levels!

Contactless Delivery

Motorcycle, Van, Truck!

Many Happy Customers!

"Contact Free Agency - Contactless delivery Lock down solution"

Why A Stand Alone Store?

A Standard Website Is Not Enough During Lock Down

It's hard To Find  A Safe Store Online

Frustrated Client's Means Lost Business

It's Hard To Use Most Website Menu's

Too Much Detail = Many Flustered Client's

Easy App Image Menu and Checkout!

Easy To Use and Images Are Compelling!

What You Get

Complete Turn-Key Easy To Use Cloud App - Adding Images and Product Descriptions Is A Breeze!
"Contact Free Agency - Contactless delivery Lock down solution"
Revolutionary QR Barcode technology. Customer scans your shop window or local ad for your contactless web Store

No typing website url's or writing them down. Simply scan the barcode and your customer's are taken straight to your Contactless App Store!

"Contact Free Agency - Contactless delivery Lock down solution"
Motivate your customers. Attractive 'Done for you Cue Cards' - Edit free - simply click "Add to my Canva.com Acct"

Graphic Promotional material can be expensive to generate. You get these 4 QR bar code Templates for free. There's also a QR Code Generator within your dash!

"Contact Free Agency - Contactless delivery Lock down solution"
With our Cloud Software, to add a product takes less than 5 minutes to add an image, a product description & price!

Your investment covers the revolutionary versatile App, with its many features, such as Stations, Branches, Invoicing System and secure online payment platform!

"Contact Free Agency - Lease The Covid-19 - Contactless Business Recovery App"

Contactless Demo Video

Your Contactless Mobile Delivery App Store

Saas Lease Solution

Below…How To Lease Your Saas App Monthly

Plus – Your Saas App Free! – (Marketer’s Option)

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What You’ll Be Getting With Your Contact Free Agency Mobile App and QR Barcode Webstore!

"Contact Free Agency - Covid-19 - Contactless Business"

View Demo Stores Below

To own your own Saas Contactless Web Store is just 6 monthly interest free instalments of $495.00 on an Saas lease subscription. Includes the Full setup of your Contactless store + Full online product payment platform + Full cloud hosting + Domain name + First 12 products done for you, to take your business products and/or service's profits to a new level! It's the magic of the Saas Software and its awesome shopping cart you're investing in, plus your store will be marketed for free within our global Contactless Directory to a hungry audience of millions of potential Contactless shoppers, giving your Store the competitive edge!

Creating Your Store Is So Easy!

To add any product or service is easy. After we've prepared your Dashboard, we'll create a default catalog and add your first product or service. You can change this later, if you wish. It's so easy to add a catalog, a product or service, a description and a price. Your teenage son or daughter could complete one in 5 minutes! With our revolutionary App, it takes just minutes to add a new product or service. A medium sized inventory can be done in just a few days!

Why You Need A Stand Alone Website Just For Orders!

Already have contactless ordering for your business? That's great. However, in our research, we found the time it takes to find and order a specific food item or service, from a conventional website takes far too long. We found this to be the case with nearly all websites.
Clients don't wish to search for food items, beverages, clothing or services amidst countless pages of information. Further, we found most ordering to be far too complex. With one of our stores, the client simply selects an item or service from an image within the slider. Click on that and the page scrolls right to the catalog of the item or service they've selected. Easy...take a look below at samples of our simple stores. Our App provides you with Coupons, Stations (separate stores or departments), Ticket Announcements, Delivery Times and Options and much more. At the same time, front end delivery is simple and effective!

Why Your App Is An Investment - Not A Cost!

Contact Free Agency is a participant in the JVZoo.com Affiliate Program - 40% of your investment in our App is paid to the Affiliate that promoted this page. We do this, to encourage free enterprise and to ensure that we have a wider audience to invest in our Contactless Delivery App. We want everyone to recover from lock down, plus give people the opportunity to work from home in a safe environment!
A QR barcode thumbnail image can be placed within your store's menu (optional). Any customer can scan this with their smartphone. This takes them to our pre-sales page. It incorporates your own personal JVZoo.com affiliate link. It only takes two referrals from your Contactless store's customers, before your entire App investment is covered and you're in a profitable situation. Prior to that, you only need 1 - 5 sales a day from your store, dependent upon what you're selling in your store, before you cover your App investment. By becoming an Affiliate yourself to the JVZoo.com opportunity, you earn 40% of each sale made from this linked image within your shopping store's menu, for 6 months from the point of your customer's investment in our Contactless App and it soon adds up!

The Contactless Delivery - Saas Mobile App

QR Store and Payment Platform

Saas Cloud QR App - Contactless Delivery Stores

Plus 5 x Monthly Payments of just $495.00


Get a 10% Discount - 1 x Investment

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Contact Free Agency - Contactless App + Store + Payment Platform

Demo Store's

# Electronics # Icecream Parlour # Women's Hair Salon # Skin Care

"Contact Free Agency - Covid-19 - Contactless Business Recovery App -Try It Here!"

# France Bon Appetit # Cake Me Away # Local Grocery Store # Local Furniture Store

"Contact Free Agency - Covid-19 - Contactless Business Recovery App -Try It Here!"

# Grocery Shop # Shop Local # French Local Groceries # German Foods
"Contact Free Agency - Covid-19 - Contactless Business Recovery App -Try It Here!"
# Russian Food and Groceries # Italian Fashion Wear # Italian Foods and Beverages # Smoothie Café and Juice Bar

"Contact Free Agency - Covid-19 - Contactless Business Recovery App -Try It Here!"

# Local Store # Food Of Russia # Great British Food # Food Circles

"Contact Free Agency - Covid-19 - Contactless Business Recovery App -Try It Here!"

Contactless Online Business is hotter than ever. You need to operate an effective online store, in addition to your normal daily business. Those who don't are missing out on sales to those who are, especially during any lock down period, short or long term. Contactless business will remain the norm, long after lock down!

Add Descriptions, Images and Prices Effortlessly!

Why fork out thousands, for an expensive web site that's not contactless, or not fully supportive of contactless business? Take advantage of our up to date Saas QR Barcode App, with full product payment platform. After your initial setup, you can easily add descriptions, images and prices with the click of a mouse. Or, simply have us add any new products for just $19.50 per product placement. Have us update any existing inventory, such as prices, descriptions etc for just $14.95 for any partial product/service update.

An Investment - Not A Cost!

The Contactless Delivery - Saas Mobile App

QR Store and Payment Platform

Saas Cloud QR App - Contactless Delivery Stores

Plus 5 x Monthly Payments of just $495.00


Get a 10% Discount - 1 x Investment

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Saas Cloud QR App - Contactless Delivery StoresContact Free Agency - Contactless App + Store + Payment Platform

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To Lose The Competitive Advantage and I Realize When I Return The Price Is Likely To Be More!

Recover Your Investment Fast!

Affiliate Earnings Disclaimer

Affiliate income earnings; vary from individual to individual. No typical income, either part or full time, is promised in your participation within the JVZoo.com affiliate program! What you earn is solely dependent upon the effort you put in, in order to promote our App. You could make a good part time income and cover your investment in the App. Or, you could make a very good 6 figure income. It's up to you. Help us to help business recover from lock down around the globe and make a great passive part or full time income!
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Once the purchase button above is live and our App is available for purchase, it's deemed approved for sale, by JVZoo.com's compliance team. Contact Free Agency operates in conjunction with FTC law.

"Contact Free Agency - Covid-19 - Contactless Business"
Supplement Your Income - Revive Your Business - Assist Others To Stay Safe!